Developing and writing about HMI solutions

HMI means Human-Machine Interface, that’s where people interact with all sorts of technology. Developing efficient HMI solutions requires skills and experience in the technical domain and in human science, like ergonomics, and kinesiology.

All these disciplines are not foreign to me, because successfully handling and teaching electronic music instruments require the same competences.

Thus, I work as a freelance consultant and technical writer for a Chinese manufacturer of smart HMI display solutions. Their idea is to replace the classic control panel with lots of knobs, displays and indicators by an intelligent and programmable touch screen which

  • increases ergonomics by only showing the components which are required in the actual context
  • is more fail safe that a classic control panel with sometimes tens or hundreds of electromechanical components
  • can easily be updated to add new functionalities
  • is more cost efficient than classic controls

Part of this work is my so-called Nextion Sunday Blog where I combine teaching theoretical aspects of ergonomic GUI design and efficient coding for complex solutions.

Thus, every project requiring an advanced graphical HMI without huge demand of external MCU resources can benefit from the combination of Nextion HMI and my years long experience.